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Basic enemy

Basic enemy

Heavy enemy

Heavy enemy

”Defeat the evil corporation with your automatic crossbow and save the city”
Uprising is a third person shooter game based on Max Payne 3. It is 7th project at The Game Assembly. Made in our costom made game engine "COG". The game took 16 weeks half time to complete. I hade a lot of fun creating concept and 3D model for enemies and working with other deciplines at TGA to make them come to life.

My contribution:
Creating 3D model for basic enemy and heavy enemy.
creating weapons
Creating a Concept for player and enemies.
Creating and polishing up a few props

Natthawut Boonsan
Alva Granholm
Adam Dencker
William Utterberg

Technical astist:
Kevin Meurling
Jacob Söderström
Conny Bengtsson

Björn Franzén
Aijlin Hamzic
Linus Wickman
Pontus Fredriksson
William Arnback

Level designers:
Alexander Sjöberg
Jonathan Engdahl

Daniel Ödlund
Hampus Eriksson
Jocob Fridholm

Albin Johansson
Julia Siljebo

Pontus Carling

Voice Acting:
Alex Ek