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Harpy Priest

Harpy priest is my 3D interpretation based on Alexander Shatohin´s concept art I worked on this character for 7 weeks half time as my first portfolio project at The Game Assembly. In this project I wanted to challenge myself by creating a full character. Some clothes were simulated in Marvelous designer, such as the pants and the red fabric. The rest of the clothing were hand sculpted in Zbrush. Low poly was done in Maya and baked in Maremoset Toolbag. For the feather I used Xgen in Maya to create the high-poly and baked it on a plane. For the grass and ground I used assets from Quixel Megascans. Thank you to Conny Bengtsson for helping me rigg this character, check his portfolio out here: 
Also a huge thanks to my educators and classmates at The Game Assembly for helping me by giving valuable feedbacks. 
Trist count: 58k, the character consist of 5 sets of textures, 2k textures for body and clothes, 1k texture for feathers, 1k for eyes.